Best Practices – Lithuania

The project “Quality Assurance within Adult Education”

The aim of this Nordplus project is to improve and develop the quality accreditation system EQM, European Quality Mark, for providers of non-formal adult learning. We also intend to review and improve the standards, criteria and the accreditation process so that the EQM as a whole is up-to-date with new recommendation framework on quality in adult learning, which was launched in October 2013 by a Thematic Working Group on Quality in Adult Learning working with a mandate from the EU Commission.

A part of the improvement will be to build a training course for external assessors/trainers, as their role is not only to assess the learning provision against the EQM standards and criteria but also to support the learning provider in improving the quality of their work and build a sustainable quality culture within the organisation of the learning provider.

The project “Adult educator’s mission: give the learner wings”

The project “Adult educator’s mission: give the learner wings” is prepared by the consortium of five adult learning institutions: Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LSŠA), Kaunas Region Education Centre, Panevezys district Educational Centre, Life and Faith institute and Raseiniai district Education Helpdesk.

Project is prepared answering the requirements for the contemporary adult educator (andragog) which are described in the strategic documents EU and Lithuania regarding education policy.

The aim of the mobility provided by the Consortium is to increase the quality of teaching and learning of adult learners by increasing the competences of the staff of the members of Consortium in three areas:

  • Empowerment of adult learners and increasing their ability for self-learning
  • Methods and forms of teaching of adult learners with diverse learning needs, motivation and former learning experiences
  • Consulting on carrier development, life, further learning and providing professional assistance.

Project idea, implementation and result will be disseminated through the web-site of LSŠA and LSŠA Facebook, through web-sites and Facebooks of the Consortium partners and in local, regional and National media and EPALE.

The project “Digital Storytelling for up-skilling and empowerment of learners with intellectual disabilities”

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative learning approach – digital storytelling adapted to people with intellectual disabilities with an aim to deliver an innovative, empowering and fun tool for teachers/facilitators that work with intellectually disabled which will help them up-skill, understand and empower intellectually disabled persons.

Project specific objectives:

  • to up-skill facilitators/teachers who work with intellectually disabled to use digital storytelling method adapted to intellectually disabled and thus increase people with ID (ntellectual disabilities) acquisition of different life skills: literacy, digital skills, social skills, etc.
  • to increase educational opportunities for intellectually disabled to participate fully in society and manage successfully transitions in the labour market
  • to enhance basic skills (literacy and digital skills) of people with intellectually disabilities, enable their participation in society and thus increase their social inclusion

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