EDUCATE Certification of Quality

The EDUCATE Interactive Hub had integrated a section dedicated to the certification of best practices and organisations in adult education, with special focus on the fields of digitalization and inclusivity. The project established an EDUCATE Certification of Quality, which recognize and reward the methodologies and best working practices of organizations involved in the education of digital competencies for adult learners. This recognition offered organizations a larger platform and the opportunity for replication and multiplication of their practices.

The EDUCATE Certification developed criteria that organizations needed to meet for certification and established a certification methodology used by partners to evaluate best practices. The results and guide for the certification process will be available to organizations on the EDUCATE Interactive Hub, contributing to the transparency of the process.

The EDUCATE Certification provide a transparent and easily accessible means of certifying the best practices in adult education. With its implementation, organizations gain access to proven methods for improving their own practices or expanding their activities. This system enable the best practices in the education sector to reach a wider audience, and provided common grounds for collaboration and growth.

Now, we invite your organization to take part in this continuous improvement process. Initiate a self-assessment, evaluate your practices against our developed criteria, and join the community of education providers who are setting the standards for digital competency in adult education. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve, share, and learn from the best – join the EDUCATE community now!

Methodology & Criteria for Organisations