Europe (Especially in Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Moldova)

Period of implementation:

2018 – 2022

Field of activity – formal/informal/non-formal:

Strengthening social innovation and entrepreneurial spirit over 16 year old students and young adults by using highly innovative Learning System (ILS).

Funding sources:

Interreg Danube Transnational Programme

Overall cost/budget:


Target group:

Young adults over 16 years old

Implementing organization/lead organization:

Lead organization: DEX Innovation Centre (Czech Republic)

Challenge or social need:

InnoSchool tackles the need for system change to support weak entrepreneurial culture and low engagement to social innovation and entrepreneurship. Its general objective is to strengthen social innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of secondary schools’ students and young adults over 16 by development and introduction of highly innovative Learning System.


Developing an innovative learning system with inclusive design and development to increase the social entrepreneurship skills of students over 16 and young adults. The main element of the learning system is an online browser-based role-playing game.

Benefits/success factors/ measurement of success:

ILS was piloted in 9 countries involving more than 100 secondary Schools enabling further improvement of stakeholder knowledge. Impact on students´ knowledge and spirit to start social innovative entrepreneurship was measured through 3 key aspects: social needs awareness, improvement of specific abilities of students and gained entrepreneurial skills.

Critical points/weaknesses:

As the main element of the learning system is a browser-based online game, basic technical requirements are: tablet/computer/laptop and an internet connection.

Sustainability characteristics:

Aim of the project was to deliver long-term impact in Danube macro-region, which means to assure sustainability and transferability of developed InnoSchool Learning System (ILS). Goal was to change curriculums in all participating territories and to include to them ILS latest in 2 years after project. This was assured by development of Action plans, which will include challenges, required steps with timeline, and human, financial and other resources necessary for the Action Plan implementation. 

This process was build on all project Outputs, notably developed ILS, gained knowledge of stakeholders, proof of impact delivered by Pilots and changes of attitude of key stakeholders. To ensure policy level sustainability 9 Action Plans for inclusion of InnoSchool Learning System to curriculums in 2 years from the end of the project was developed together with Policy Guidance for Transferability enabling the transfer at policy level.

Transferability characteristics:

All the elements of the learning system are available in 9 languages, including guides, teacher’s handbook, good practices and the »Serious Game« online game. This means that the learning system can be used in secondary schools or for individual learning in any country in the world without any financial outlay.

Inclusive characteristics/Innovative elements:

InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) was developed by using intensive learning interaction among project partners and using inclusive design process involving policy bodies, secondary schools, territorial business supporting actors and organizations working in social services. Its main uniqueness lies in two main innovations introduced for young adults – (1) introduction of “Serious Game” for online simulations joined with teacher lecturing/guiding sessions to maximize educational impact through experiental learning and (2) social media and interschool competition inclusion to boost attractivity for students.